Why Is Good Circulation Important

Our blood carries all kinds of things around our body. Our blood not only fuels our body, but also cleans and protects it. The first and most obvious reason having good circulation is crucial is oxygen. We constantly need to resupply our cells with oxygen. The brain in particular can only go a few seconds without oxygen before it begins to falter and serious brain injury can occur in a short space of time. Our heart’s are working non stop to supply our entire bodies with the oxygen it needs and therefore, having good circulation is crucial to this process.

Our blood also moves crucial nutrients from our digestive system throughout the body and removes the used up nutrients and other waste. Poor circulation can impair this process, potentially causing infection and disease.

The blood also helps to control the internal temperature of the body. This is one of the first poor circulation symptoms people will notice when they suffer from poor circulation.

Poor circulation can affect all parts of the body. It can range from minor to very serious in severity.


This information is for educational purposes and should not be used in place of professional medical advice.